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Rated 5 / 5 stars

very nice

that is one of the best ive seen on newgrounds
it was well animated, funny, good sound etc etc
10/10 and i have 1 question
you use flash 8 or something right because i got that and cant do anything near as good as that lol

Axeraider67 responds:

haha, actually i use Flash CS3. But your flash is only as good as you want it to be!

Valhalla Knights Valhalla Knights

Rated 4 / 5 stars


just so i know ive got this animating right, you use flash dont you? i cant seem to make anything as good as this with the flash 8 & flash mx i have

SlashClassicSE: FSM SlashClassicSE: FSM

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

bbbbbbboooooooorrrrrrrriiiiiii nnnnngggg

honestly. Im not sayin your a bad animator but there was hardly any animation! About 4 minutes in I had to exit because that spaghetti thing was ealy starting to scare me and bore me at the same time.

NG is about animation. Not a lifetime of microsoft sam talking and a spaghetti monster picture floatin in front of the f***ing screen!

SlashFirestorm responds:

You look up at me, a little intimidated by my firm, strong form. And yet you also crave what you desire to pull my muscled chest atop you and nibble and lick at every bit of exposed flesh.

"You ready, my love?" I whisper, gently stroking your cheek. You nod, hands gripping my wrists, and I lay atop you, my hard sex brushing against your own. I give a bemused smile as you gasp from the simple contact; so little drives you wild.

I reach down and push my seeking erection lower, beneath your balls and against your tight entrance.

"Wouldn't it be easier to...take me from behind?" you whisper breathlessly.

"Maybe...but I want to see your face when I make you cum."

You shiver at the lustful grin on my handsome face, one hand absently stroking your thick sex. I reach over for the lubricant, but you grab my wrist and stop me.

Seeing my confused look, you blush and smile. "I want this to be...just you and me. Nothing else."

"But it'll hurt you. You haven't done this have no idea how much lubricant is needed to make this not be painful!"

You lean forward and kiss me softly, a hand running through my thick locks. "I don't care. I want this. Please."

I hesitate for a moment, but then nod and align my cock with your entrance again.

"No matter what I say, no matter how loud I scream," you tell me, "don't stop. Promise me."

"I...I promise."

I push the head of my penis against the tightly clenched hole, feeling your body involuntarily trying to resist my penetration. Deciding to heed your request, I grip your hips and strain forward, feeling your tender anus start to yield, and suddenly the head of my cock pushes in, and I find myself with two inches of meat inside you.

Your sweet mouth lets out a pained cry, but you do not tell me to stop. Seeing your determination, I continue to push into the warm tightness, inch after inch of my long cock slipping from view and into you.

Your body tenses at the penetration, your fingers digging into the sheets and clutching with agonizing force...but never once do you want to stop. You want to be taken, hard and fast, and you know that I am more than willing to oblige.

At last, my entire length is sheathed in your ass, intense pleasure buzzing up my body from your squeezing anus. Looking into your eyes for any sign of doubt, and finding none, I begin to move inside you.

It is the most pleasurable and painful experience of your life.

You screech in pain as my thick sex probes you, slipping in and out of your dry ass, slicked only on scant precum and the blood that I am beginning to draw. For me, it is heaven, burying myself in that yielding tunnel of gripping heat; for you it is both heaven and hell, your body alternating with the unbearable pleasure of my organ brushing your prostate, and the agonizing pain of unlubricated anal sex.

Desperate to stave off the burning, you grip your cock hard and furiously pump it, hoping to compensate for the hurt.

Suddenly my pace increases; I cannot last long in your body, no one could. I pump myself in you hard, the sound of flesh thudding against flesh filling the room.

My pussy quivers with lust at all the sensation; I pull out of your ass and reposition myself over your body, so that I might simultaneously penetrate your anus and be penetrated by your seeking erection.

"You said you didn't want me to take your pussy-virginity", you whisper. I respond solely by sinking my tight vagina onto your cock, and slipping my own sex back into that gaping orifice.

You extend your tentacles as we make vigorous love, the slippery appendages rubbing my nipples; one of them forces its way into MY anus, however it is much easier as your tentacles are coated with a slimy goo, allowing you to pop into my rectum easily.

We fuck like woodchucks, pounding and being pounded and penetrated by cocks and suckers and writhing tentacles and we shake the bed hard enough to snap the headboard loose. We both climax at the same time and spurt hot cum everywhere, inside and out.

I pull off of you, and with a smile, I mark you as mine with piss. EN